World vine varieties
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 CSIRO, Division of Horticulture, Merbein 3505
Young shoot : form of tip:
Young shoot : form of tip:opened
Young shoot : distribution of anthocyanin coloration of tip:piping
Young shoot : intensity of anthocyanin coloration of tip:absent or very weak
Young shoot : intensity of anthocyanin coloration of tip:weak
Young shoot : density of prostrate hairs of tip:sparse
Young shoot : density of prostrate hairs of tip:
Shoot : attitude:semidrooping
Shoot : color of dorsal side of internodes:green with red stripes
Shoot : color of ventral side of internodes:green
Shoot : color of dorsal side of nodes:red
Shoot : color of ventral side of nodes:green
Tendrils : distribution on the shoot:discontinuous (2 or less)
Tendrils : length:long
Young leaf : color of the upper side:green
Young leaf : density of prostrate hairs between veins:none or very sparse
Young leaf : Density of prostrate hairs on main veins:none or very sparse
Mature leaf : size:medium
Mature leaf : length:short
Mature leaf : shape of blade:pentagonal
Mature leaf : number of lobes:five
Mature leaf : color of the upper side of blade:medium green
Mature leaf : undulation of blade between main and lateral veins:only near petiole
Mature leaf : profile:involute
Mature leaf : shape of teeth:both sides concave
Mature leaf : length of teeth:medium
Mature leaf : length of teeth compared with their width at the end of the base:medium
Mature leaf : general shape of petiole sinus:lobes strongly overlapping
Mature leaf : shape of base of petiole sinus:V-shaped
Mature leaf : shape of upper leaf sinuses:open
Mature leaf : shape of base of upper leaf sinuses:U-shaped
Mature leaf : length of petiole:
Mature leaf : length of petiole compared to middle vein:shorter
Woody shoot : cross section:circular
Woody shoot : surface:smooth
Woody shoot : main color:yellow
Inflorescence : sex of flower:hermaphrodite
Inflorescence : insertion of 1st inflorescence:3rd or 4th node
Inflorescence : number of inflorescences per shoot:1,1 to 2 inflorescences
Bunch : number of bunches per shoot:1,1 to 2 bunches
Bunch : size:very large
Bunch : length:medium
Bunch : density:loose
Bunch : number of berries:medium
Bunch : length of peduncle:long
Bunch : lignification of peduncle:weak
Berry : Size:large
Berry : length:medium
Berry : uniformity of size:uniform
Berry : shape:short elliptic
Berry : cross section:circular
Berry : color of skin:red-black
Berry : uniformity of color of skin:uniform
Berry : bloom:medium
Berry : thickness of skin:thin
Berry : hilum:little visible
Berry : intensity of the color of flesh:not colored or very slightly colored
Berry : juiciness of flesh:juicy
Berry : must yield:high
Berry : firmness of flesh:firm
Berry : degree of firmness of flesh:medium
Berry : classification of flavor:neutral
Berry : length of pedicel:short
Berry : separation from pedicel:
Berry : degree of separation from pedicel:medium
Berry : presence of seeds:present
Berry : length of seeds:short
Berry : weight of seeds:very low
Time of bud burst:late
Time of full bloom:medium
Begin of berry ripening (veraison):late
Physiological stage of full maturity of the berry:very late
Autumn coloring of leaves:reddish
Vigor of shoot growth:strong
Growth of axillary shoots:weak
Length of internodes:long
Diameter of internodes:large
Resistance to iron chlorosis:little
Resistance to iron chlorides (salt):very high
Resistance to Plasmopara vitícola:absent
Degree of resistance to Plasmopara (leaf):very little
Degree of resistance to Plasmopara (cluster):absent
Resistance to Powdery Mildew (Oidium):absent
Degree of resistance to Oidium (leaf):medium
Degree of resistance to Oidium (cluster):little
Resistance to Botrytis:absent
Degree of resistance to Botrytis (leaf):little
Degree of resistance to Botrytis (cluster):very little
Tolerance to Phylloxera vitifolii:absent
Degree of tolerance to Phylloxera (root):very little
Percentage of berry set:very high
Weight of a single bunch:medium
Single berry weight:
Bunch weight / ha:very high
Sugar content of must:high
Total acid content of must:low

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